Christmas optical challenge:You must find all five words in this Christmas tree 

First two are obvious, but what about the other three?

Congratulations if you win this challenge. It indicates a high IQ and good reasoning.

You and I may need to conduct more work in that area. For Christmas, Preply created this amusing brainteaser. 

A typical Christmas living room with a decorated tree and gifts below.

A wreath drapes above a fire. Empty stockings await filling.

Holiday candles and candy canes complete the scene.This living room has five hidden words. Can you find them?  

We can hint. Christmas, elves, tinsel, merry, and candy.Don't be fooled by early success.

Words are holding onto their hiding spots.

If you've lost your Christmas enthusiasm and wish to retire your Santa hat, we can help.

Look away now if you don't want the answer.

Christmas optical challenge:You have to try and find a Christmas stocking in nine seconds