Colorado's Taijh Alston impresses at the Tropical Bowl.

Taijh Alston of Colorado had a terrific week working at the Tropical Bowl in Florida.

The former Buffaloes defensive end demonstrated tremendous strength and speed, frequently making his way to the quarterback.

While he created some fantastic film room footage during practice sessions, Alston and his Buffs colleague, Jordan Domineck, 

rose to the occasion in the most important moments of the college All-Star game.The game finished in a 17-17 tie, but that does not tell the full picture. 

A windy day at Daytona Beach caused the kickers to miss multiple field goals. The game was dominated by excellent defensive performances, and Alston stood out among the many NFL aspirants.

After the game, he commented, "It was great to play here. Overall, I had a fantastic three days.I concluded with a sack; what an incredible experience."

Alston was a disruptive presence in the backfield for the whole game. He recorded a quarterback sack, as well as several pressures and tackles at the line of scrimmage. 

He caused mismatches and was clearly a problem for anyone who lined up opposite him.

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