Cowboys Urged to Target Projected $81 Million Behemoth DL

The Dallas Cowboys defense was impressive throughout the regular season, ranking sixth in both points and yards allowed to opposing offenses. 

However, a closer inspection revealed that the Cowboys defense had significant problems, which would surface when the playoffs arrived.

Bleacher Report believes that Cowboys free agency will help to address these issues.The team's inability to put an end to the running game is at the top of the list.

Though the Cowboys had a high overall rushing defense rating of 70.3 from Pro Football Focus, the run defense was pushed around far too often this season.

The Cowboys were 6-1 when they limited opponents to less than 100 yards rushing. The Cowboys had a 6-5 record in games with 100 or more yards rushing.

That includes the 143 yards Dallas gave up to Green Bay in the divisional playoff loss. The Cowboys went 0-4 when they allowed more than 140 yards on the ground.

That's where B/R steps in with a big suggestion—a very significant one. The website encourages the Cowboys to sign 6-foot-4, 310-pound monster Christian Wilkins in free agency.

This is based on the assumption that the Dolphins will not utilize the franchise tag on Wilkins, as PFF predicts they would, keeping him for another year at $19.75 million. 

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