Deion Sanders blasts ‘Coach Ocho’ for taking Colorado’s best recruit to the wrong restaurant.

Having taken one of his Colorado prospects to the incorrect restaurant, Deion Sanders was not pleased with Chad Johnson, who had previously been a star in the National Football League. 

Recently, Ocho requested Coach Prime to hire him as a wide receivers coach for the Buffaloes. 

Prime was forced to wait while the five-star offensive lineman wavered in his decision, but Prime has already committed to the team, and it appears that Ocho wanted some credit for his decision. 

He captioned a picture of the two of them together with the words, “Yo, Deion Sanders, I’m out here recruiting now you can hire me.” Jordan Seaton agreed to eat McDonald’s after I convinced him to do so.

In a surprising turn of events, Sanders found himself in a peculiar situation where he couldn’t openly criticize the effort put forth, but he made it abundantly clear to Johnson that McDonald’s wasn’t the optimal choice. 

With a wry sense of humor, Sanders responded to Johnson’s misguided attempt, stating, “By the way, we are KFC.” His emphasis on getting the sponsors right showcased his commitment to authenticity, even in the face of an amusing mix-up. 

“Let’s get the sponsors right if you’re going to be successful in recruiting,” he added. “However, you did an excellent job.” 

The revelation of Sanders’ affiliation with KFC shed light on the importance of aligning sponsors correctly, especially in the competitive realm of recruiting. Sanders, never one to miss an opportunity to inject humor into a situation, continued, “We need another DOGG DT that is on the hunt. We are not difficult to locate!” 

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