Deion Sanders reveals what he texted son Shedeur about trying to make the most of Nick Saban's retirement.

Nick Saban announced his surprising resignation after Alabama's Rose Bowl loss to Michigan.

It certainly caught the college football world by surprise. 

 However, Deion Sanders' recent conversation with Robert Griffin III about "RG3 and The Ones" brought another fascinating subplot to Nick Saban's exit.

Deion Sanders' son, Shedeur, wanted to take advantage of the opportunity after learning of Coach Saban's retirement. 

Shedeur Sanders carefully posted "Alabama players tap n" as he anticipated future departures from Alabama's dominant lineup.

His aggressive strategy tried to remain ahead of the competition while also indicating a willingness to capitalize on possible shifts in the college football talent pool.

When Deion Sanders discovered his tweet, he immediately texted Shedeur, stating, "Man, you're crazy!"

Shedeur, on the other hand, demonstrated a strategic attitude for the forthcoming season by texting back, "Dad, "We have to win, man!"

Deion also highlighted Shedeur and Travis Hunter’s influential recruiting roles.  

This influence presumably contributed to significant changes in the Colorado Buffaloes‘ offensive line, showcasing the impact of Shedeur and Hunter as sought-after teammates. 

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