Optical Illusion: Find the hidden fish in 11 Second

Optical Illusion: The popularity of these tasks is growing, as evidenced by the growing number of netizens who enjoy solving optical illusions. 

Optical illusions are mind-bending tricks that deceive our eyes and minds into believing they are visuals.  

The three categories of optical illusions are physiological, cognitive, and physical. 

Optical illusions aim to enhance human cognitive functions and facilitate observation. 

The picture up top shows an underwater scene with a variety of marine life frolicking about. 

Among the aquatic life are seahorses, octopuses, snails, and starfish. Everyone is having fun in the water and is in a good mood. 

We can say that there is interaction between aquatic animals. 

As the title suggests, the current task is to locate the hidden fish in 11 seconds. 

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