Drinking 5 cups of green tea daily may lower blood sugar and gut inflammation. 

Besides being pleasant and cozy to hold (when we're not in a heat wave), tea has several health benefits. 

Brewing a big batch each morning has several benefits, including lowering cancer risk, managing diabetes, enhancing sleep, and stimulating creativity.

Pennsylvania State University and Ohio State University researchers wondered if green tea extract could lower the risk of metabolic syndrome

a group of conditions that often occur together and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more. 

More metabolic syndrome risk factors "boxes" mean a higher probability of major health issues later in life, Says Mayo Clinic. Four major metabolic syndrome conditions are:

Bruno and his crew chose 40 people; 21 had metabolic syndrome and 19 didn't. Each received catechin-containing gummies.

Each gummy had as many catechins as five cups of green tea. 

The participants were told to eat one gummy daily for 28 days. Each took a placebo for 28 days after a month's vacation.

Drinking too much caffeinated tea might lead to nausea, heartburn, jittery feelings or difficulty sleeping 

so it's best to stick with decaf and work your way up. Even one glass per day, in tandem with a well-balanced whole foods 

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