Easy Green Goddess Dressing

This green goddess dressing is just what we needed right now. It's creamy, tangy, and packed with fresh, herbal taste. I've savored it by the spoonful, dreaming of sunny days ahead.

The Green Goddess will carry us through to spring. We are going to make it. I can feel it.

I put some soup recipe development on hold once I finished this dressing. I will figure it out shortly (hint: it is also green). I'm too busy pouring this versatile dressing on everything.

The strange thing about this green goddess dressing recipe is that it's quite simple.

I tried adding lemon juice and olive oil, but they just took away from the lovely combination of good Greek yogurt and fresh herbs.

This recipe can be made with any combination of fresh herbs. What about the leftover parsley and cilantro in the refrigerator? Let's use them up.

This salad dressing differs from most other green goddess dressings, yet the flavor and texture are remarkably comparable. 

Typically, the ingredients list includes mayonnaise, lemon, and anchovies. Instead, this dish uses Greek yogurt to provide zest and creaminess.

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