Festive Optical Illusion: Find All 10 Green Baubles On The Christmas Tree

As the holiday season approaches, people all around the world are getting into the holiday spirit, decking their houses with festive décor such as tinsel, sparkling lights, and, of course, the classic Christmas tree.

There's also a new twist on holiday décor this year: a festive optical illusion that's attracting those looking for a fun holiday challenge.

The goal is to find all ten of the deviously placed green ornaments on the Christmas tree.Hiatt Hardware's clever minds crafted the illusion that only the most deserving and astute competitors would be put to the test. 

Even though November is still young, many people assume that Christmas begins the moment Halloween decorations are removed and stored.

One person appears to be a major supporter of this philosophy, as demonstrated by his or her fully adorned and ornamented Christmas tree. 

The vivid décor lighted a living room brimming with gold, crimson, and green ornaments.Despite the fact that the colors may distract the unobservant eye,

only the most adept deducers could identify all ten of the green decorations in less than ten seconds. If you can complete the difficult task, your IQ is definitely quite high.

If you're still looking, don't give up lightly. We've put the answer below for your convenience.

Christmas optical challenge:You have to try and find a Christmas stocking in nine seconds