Former Vikings GM Predicts Record-Setting Contract for Justin Jefferson

The Minnesota Vikings may find solace in having standout wideout Justin Jefferson under contract for another season. They also have the tools to keep the three-time Pro Bowler around for a few more seasons.

In actuality, contract situations rarely go that way, as athletes prefer the security of long-term agreements. They can also carry lesser cap hits than the franchise tag.

However, former Vikings general manager Jeff Diamond does not believe it will come into play.

On January 24, Diamond wrote for 33rd Team: "There's a good chance [an extension] will happen before free agency opens on March 13, giving the Minnesota Vikings salary cap savings."

 A $35 million average in extra money — and settle on $34.5 million each year.

"Expect Jefferson's deal to include a $50 million signing bonus … and $125 million guaranteed."

Diamond contends that Jefferson will seek to be the "highest-paid non-quarterback" in the NFL.

His new contract would pay more than Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams and Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers in terms of average annual salary and guaranteed money.

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