Give French toast a savory twist to change up breakfast for dinner.

French toast is a sweet morning staple that rivals pancakes and waffles. 

While we often refer to these three meals as sweet breakfasts, they are only as sweet as the garnishes we add to the completed dish. 

These griddle-cooked, bread-centric dishes may be delicious even without a dusting of powdered sugar, a spray of maple syrup, or a smear of fruit jam and Nutella.

French toast may be easily transformed from a sweet breakfast to a savory supper. 

The base recipe for classic French toast is a simple custard of egg and milk seasoned with baking spices, a bit of salt, and, on occasion, a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

To add a savory flavor to french toast, just delete the baking spices and essence, or substitute savory spices and dried herbs.

French toast is a flexible and simple recipe created with common home ingredients, making it the ideal base for a relaxed evening dinner. 

 It can also resuscitate tough or stale crusty bread without requiring extensive preparation. 

The custard's dairy-rich basis is equally wonderful with salty, spicy, or savory ingredients, allowing for an infinite number of flavor combinations. 

 Furthermore, you can create savory french toast as basic or as fancy as you like; replace the sweet garnishes and condiments with savory sauces or a sprinkle of salty cheese.

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