Happily, leading a healthy lifestyle can become second nature.

Instead of fixating on calorie counting and intense workouts, Kaitlin DaPore, MUSC Health's director of health coaching, advocates a holistic approach to health. 

DaPore challenges the conventional view of health, emphasizing that it goes beyond just hitting the gym; it involves aspects such as quality sleep, stress management, relationships, and finding purpose. 

A lasting healthy lifestyle, according to DaPore, requires embracing foundational elements beyond traditional fitness routines and diet plans. 

 DaPore encourages individuals to shift their focus from short-term resolutions to cultivating habits that encompass sleep, stress, relationships, and purpose for overall well-being.

The majority of people require seven to eight hours of good sleep every night in order to wake up feeling rested, according to DaPore.

Good sleep hygiene

Easy relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and resting can soothe the nervous system and lower cortisol levels, which injure the body when they rise.

Stress management

Postprandial walking, or walking just after a meal, lowers blood sugar and controls insulin production.

Physical activity

Give fiber-rich fruits and vegetables first priority. According to DaPore, you should put half of your plate full of vibrant veggies and the other half with protein.


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