How to grow a garden on a balcony

Embrace the challenge of a small space; it often leads to more creative solutions.  

Before diving into design and planting, make a solid plan. Consider your balcony's size, sunlight exposure, and whether it's shady or sunny.  

Explore platforms like Pinterest for inspiration. Ula Maria recommends looking at examples to determine the style you like. 

Define how you intend to use the balcony. Is it a relaxation space or a challenging spot due to sun or wind exposure? Isabelle Palmer suggests zoning the space and planning its effective use. 

Consider the features of the indoor space connected to the balcony.  

Understand how weather conditions, especially sun and wind, will impact your balcony.  

If your balcony is exposed to wind, choose hardy plants with waxy leaves. Isabelle suggests plants like fatsia japonica, known for its resilience in windy conditions. 

Incorporate elements that reflect your indoor color scheme, and choose plants that align with your preferences. 

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