How to Make a King Cake for Mardi Gra

Our King Cake recipe uses the traditional ring shape with a concealed baby (but you may substitute a pecan half if you want). 

Traditionally, whoever receives the concealed figurine is crowned king or queen for the week and bakes another King Cake. 

The true question is: are you prepared for the challenge? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Mardi Gras custom, including our simple king cake recipe.

This classic cake, also known as Three Kings Cake, has a delicious cinnamon combination (akin to coffee cake) with the softest, pillowiest texture. 

The sweet dough is frequently infused with candied fruits or peels, fruit fillings, cinnamon fillings, cream cheese, 

and nuts, and is typically iced in yellow, green, and purple to commemorate the Mardi Gras festival just before Lent.

The king cake custom extends back hundreds of years and was first created to commemorate Epiphany or Three Kings Day. 

Baking a little plastic baby into a king cake was not popular until the 1800s. Some claim the infant depicts Jesus.

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