In North Carolina, this breed of dog is the most popular.

1. Australian Shepard 

And taking the pinnacle spot is the Australian Shepard! those puppies are outstanding with children, have fabulous coloring, and are beloved! 

2. German Shepard 

Those running dogs make awesome pets and are loved by way of many humans! 

3. Bulldog 

It turned into no longer exact whether that is an English or French Bulldog. perhaps an aggregate of the 2 which would think into why bulldogs ranked so high! 

4. Labrador Retriever 

Especially when I used to be developing yellow and chocolate labs regarded just like the most unusual canine breed.  

5. Bernese Mountain canine 

Large and powerful are phrases commonly used to describe those puppies. 

6. Beagle 

I am very very partial to beagles as I had one (the best canine I’ve ever had) for almost 18 years.  

7. Golden Retriever 

I am shocked the golden retriever simplest ranked seventh in this listing.  

8. Boston Terrier 

Their black and white coloring gives the phantasm of the canine in a tuxedo. 

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