Is Damar Hamlin playing today? Details on Whether Bills Safety Will Suit Against Chiefs

Damar Hamlin sat in a press box suite last year and watched his Buffalo Bills play without him in the playoffs. 

Buffalo hoped to play inspired football after witnessing Hamlin's catastrophic cardiovascular event in Week 17 by honoring No. 3.

Now, will Hamlin suit up against the Bills' fiercest postseason rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs?Damar Hamlin is now active for tonight's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hamlin is expected to be available for the highly anticipated battle at Highmark Stadium in Western New York.

Following his frightening experience in Cincinnati, the Bills have curtailed Hamlin's snaps. The safety only comes in when there is a critical injury at his position.

The Bills have put their trust in Hamlin to lead their special teams. During the regular season, Buffalo handed him 94 plays in addition to defense. 

He completed 17 defensive snaps. The Bills forced Hamlin to play in five games in total.

Sunday will also not mark his postseason debut. He contributed to the Bills' 31-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in limited action.

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