Is Decaf Coffee Actually Caffeine-Free?

Few decisions feel as important as the one over what beverage to drink around 2 p.m., a moment

when ordering cold brew feels like playing Russian roulette with my sleep schedule, but going the matcha latte way is unlikely

to be enough to get me through the work day. However, there is one technique to get a coffee boost without going overboard. 

Just as some of the best nonalcoholic wines replicate the taste, texture, and ritual of pouring a glass of Champagne or rosé, a correctly prepared cup of decaf coffee 

will recreate the feeling of a fresh pour-over or drip coffee. Read on to find out what to expect the next time you order a cup of decaf coffee.

Coffee, like most teas, contains caffeine. Samuel Klein, green coffee buyer at Brooklyn-based Partners Coffee,

observes that whereas most producers utilize solvents such as methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, or carbon dioxide in the decaffeination process, Partners prefers to use water. 

"It takes almost everything from the green coffee, leaving only its physical structure remaining.

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