Is Taylor Sheridan's New Western More Exciting Than Spinoffs? It Could Replace Yellowstone.

Taylor Sheridan's next project, based on "Empire of the Summer Moon," may replace Yellowstone as a major franchise, offering a fresh perspective on the Comanche tribe's struggle against Westward Expansion. 

Chief Quanah Parker becomes the focal point, allowing Sheridan to explore a heroic figure fighting for his people and ancestral land, a departure from his usual anti-hero protagonists. 

Yellowstone's success is acknowledged, with its spinoffs like 1883 and 1923 delving into the Dutton family's history and challenges in maintaining control of the Yellowstone ranch. 

Despite Sheridan's numerous successful projects, Yellowstone's ending prompts the search for a replacement, and "Empire of the Summer Moon" could fill that void. 

The adaptation of S.C. Gwynne's book presents a potential major franchise for Sheridan, possibly taking the form of a show due to the story spanning four decades. 

Chief Quanah Parker's character offers a refreshing change, focusing on a virtuous individual fighting for his people, unlike Sheridan's typical morally ambiguous protagonists. 

The new project could surpass Yellowstone in scope and narrative, as the story of the Comanche tribe provides an unexplored territory and a fresh set of characters. 

With Yellowstone's narrative centered on the Yellowstone Ranch, "Empire of the Summer Moon" and Chief Quanah provide an enticing alternative with a new world to explore beyond the familiar setting. 

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