Jason and Donna Kelce's video goes viral amid retirement rumors.

Donna Kelce contemplated what made Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce outstanding before he announced his retirement.

She focused on his heart and how much his team's city loved him, not his Hall of Fame potential.

"It’s exciting to see how Philadelphia has embraced him," Donna Kelce, mother of brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, told TODAY.

com before Jason retired. "Jason is a special individual, where, you know, somebody telling him he can’t do it is a fire that drives him."Jason Kelce's retirement

The NFL verified that Jason Kelce informed his teammates of his retirement after the Philadelphia Eagles' season-ending 32-9 playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Jan. 15.

Travis Kelce, a younger brother and Kansas City Chiefs tight end dating Taylor Swift, is still in Super Bowl contention.

"I just am really, really thrilled that both cities really feel very attached to both Jason and Travis," Donna Kelce says of her sons' NFL careers. 

Larger-than-life people attract excellent people around them. Very enjoyable."

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