Look for the cat hidden among the green cacti in this optical illusion.

This visual puzzle, titled "The Cat and the Green Cacti," has gone viral on the internet, challenging viewers to apply their observation abilities. 

When viewers engage with the image, they become engrossed in a thrilling hunt for a deviously hidden cat among a vibrant array of green cactus. 

The challenge was put on Instagram by the Central Tucson Companies home specialists. 

Central Tucson Companies, Arizona's one-stop shop for parking, financial services, and housing rentals, wanted to surprise their customers.

Arizona has a wide variety of natural features, including miles-long cacti like the tall ones in this challenge. A cloudy sky hung above a swath of long, towering, thorny bushes.

The most astute observer will spot the cat hidden among the plants, which the inexperienced eye will miss. Set a timer for 15 seconds and see if you can identify it in that time.

Even if you notice it immediately away, you must examine more closely to fully comprehend what is present. Have you found it? Praise yourself on having X-ray vision. 

The placement of the cat may surprise you because identifying what it is demands a closer look. Another inspection reveals that a pair of eyes is peering out from beneath a little cactus plant.

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