NFL Thanksgiving 2023: What Every Team Should be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As we start a season of reflection, I hope you have something to be grateful for from 2023

If not, I hope you have room to explore the possibility that a terrible year may lay the groundwork for a fantastic one. I know “good” things don't always arrive in packages we expect.

I appreciate spending “time” with folks who read my writing. In 2023, there is little intellectual expectation from us other than spending time on the sites where we post some words of a story to expose you to the thousands of words remaining, so I'm happy when someone gets to the story. 

I take public opinion seriously and find great satisfaction in it, even if you disagree with it. 

This year, I received some great letters, one from a reader who enjoys obscure references (and a few from those who don't), a few from one of my favorite Canadian football correspondents, and a bevy of texts from a family of readers I've been lucky to get to know as they start a new chapter.

My email is here. Always happy to chat. If you're watching Thanksgiving football alone, let me know. I try to check messages during the day and would like your insight on the 2023 season. It was nice to see you, too. Ctrl+F for your team and go on to stuffing and pie.

We're writing about what every team should be thankful for. We enjoy doing it annually. This might be anything. People, events, moments. 

The draft gives even the poorest NFL teams talent the next year, unless they're the Panthers. Zing! Continue hitting, buddies. There's something for you too.

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