Niçoise Salad With Tuna And Artichoke Heart

This Niçoise salad dish has a twist – consider it my take on a French classic. It includes the standard tuna and hard-boiled eggs, but I prefer to add artichoke hearts, crisp cucumbers, and peppery radishes.

Like many classic meals, the Niçoise salad has been altered, reinterpreted, and redesigned during the last century or so.

My recipe differs in that, in addition to radish, cucumber, and artichoke hearts, I use tuna and leave out the anchovies for a milder flavor that allows the vegetables to speak for themselves. 

Creamy hard-boiled eggs provide an additional nutritious protein source rich in vitamins and minerals.

This Salad Niçoise is hearty, beautiful, and healthy--perhaps a little unconventional, but really excellent. It's a complete meal suitable for lunch or dinner.

And that is exactly how we like it around here!Niçoise salad, pronounced "nee-SWAHZ," is a typical French-style salad in which the ingredients are shown in groups rather than thrown together.

There are several comparable meals throughout the Mediterranean, from traditional Greek salad with its hunks of feta cheese proudly displayed to Tunisia's version, which frequently includes green apple.

It is called after the French Riviera city where it originated, "Niçoise," which means "from Nice."

It's one of a few legendary French meals that allow summer produce speak for itself with minimal effort, such as the charmingly simple vegetable stew Ratatouille.

What what qualifies as a "traditional Niçoise salad" carries some baggage. Some argue that the dish should be rubbed with raw garlic and garnished with only a drizzle of high-quality olive oil, no vinegar. 

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