Optical Illusion Challenge: Spot The Polar Bear In This Frozen Waterfall

Prepare for a visual challenge that goes beyond the surface appeal of a frozen cascade. 

Everyone can appreciate the ice cascade within this optical illusion, but the true problem is identifying the elusive polar bear, which has been ingeniously camouflaged within the snowy backdrop. 

Successfully detecting this hidden creature could be a sign of high intelligence, adding to the appeal of this frozen tableau. 

The frozen waterfall is easy to recognize in this brain challenge, but can you find the snow-colored animal?

In the winter, the vista includes a frigid waterfall and jagged, rocky land covered in a fresh covering of snow.

Bare trees cling dangerously to the mountainside, waiting for spring's blossoms.

The grey rocks contrast with their snowy coating, rendering the landscape nearly entirely black and white.

In less than a minute, only people with 20/20 vision can recognize the polar bear.

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