Optical Illusion Eye Test: In 7 Seconds, Find Out Which Giraffe Looks Distinct

It's always enjoyable to take optical illusion exams. 

Why do you ask? Well, it gives us some insight into how our brain processes information and how quickly it can pass the test. 

 Taking an optical illusion test every day will help improve your mental health

 It's usually a good idea to stretch one's cognitive capacities from time to time.

In the image below, seek for the giraffe that stands out from the rest.

 The aim is to identify the distinctive-looking one in 7 seconds flat.

 It's not tough to pass the test if you keep your thoughts focused and calm.

Gergely Dudas, a renowned visual artist from Hungary, made this image.

It depicts a group of giraffes grazing around the countryside.

Now, be honest to yourself and tell us whether you can identify the distinct giraffe in this photograph.

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