Optical Illusion: Only 1% can spot the hidden remote in the picture in 20 seconds- Can you?

Optical Illusion Test to Find the Hidden Remote: Every home has one typical question: where is the remote? 

Finding the remote to the television can be a difficult process, and it can take a long time, as well as hundreds of sneaky comments, to locate that missing piece of technical spark. This optical illusion allows you to relive this moment. In 20 seconds, I'll find the remote. 

Today's optical illusion test is more of a mental challenge. Today's optical illusion picture will not reveal any hidden aspects of your personality, but it will be a fun and stimulating activity.

According to psychologists, optical illusions occur when the visual system of the brain perceives reality as something it is not, thereby tricking the viewer.

Today's optical illusion photo challenges you to identify a missing remote among a pile of furniture within 20 seconds. If you succeed, you will be among the 1% of the population capable of doing so. 

Go find that missing remote right now.Take a look at the image below. Before taking this test, you should follow some basic rules:

The image has a variety of furniture items, including sofa sets, chairs, cushions, plants, vases, and lamps. You may detect rugs, mirrors, torches, and other items in the photograph, but did you see the remote?

We hope many of you can find the remote within 20 seconds.

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