Optical Illusion: Spot The Lollipop Hidden Among Other Candies In 8 Second 

Optical illusions are images or photographs that appear to us to be something they are not.  

Alternatively, optical illusions occur when the data exchanged between our eyes and brains leads us to think something that is not true.  

This is made possible by the phenomena known as "filling-in."  

The eye's visual information is separated into sections for the brain to focus on.  

The layers of the image may be portrayed differently depending on the focus.  

A person may perceive aspects of an image that are not truly present due to physiological illusions. 

Your colleagues admMultiple instances of the same pattern or picture can be found in these photographs.  ire your ability to remain calm and find solutions in stressful situations.   

Most people struggled to find the hidden lollipop in this puzzle.  

This is the result! 

Look for the hidden lollipop in the image. Now for the big reveal. The red highlighted area contains the hidden lollipop.  

Look closely at the image to spot the lollipop in the highlighted region. We'll help you find it with the image below. 

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