Optical Illusion to Test IQ: Only a Genius Can Find Hidden Umbrella in Forest Camping Picture in 15 Seconds!

IQ Test Optical Illusion: Only a Genius Can Find the Hidden Umbrella in Forest Camping PictureThis graphic is a brain teaser for kids and adults. 

 This optical illusion shows three youngsters camping in the forest. In the jungle, two girls and a boy carry backpacks. Birds, owls, and squirrels are in the trees.

Reindeer, hedgehog, and raccoon live in the woodland. The girl searches her suitcase for her umbrella.

Some say only a genius can find the umbrella in this photograph. This optical illusion is another fun IQ test. 

An genuine IQ test is a fantastic approach to determine your IQ.Find the Hidden Umbrella in 15 Seconds?

Examine this optical illusion to find the umbrella in the forest where the kids are playing. 

If you're stuck with the image and can't find the umbrella, check at the bottom right tree. 

Did you spot the umbrella in the illusion or was it too hidden? 

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