Paris will get a whole new Metro system. And it's enormous. 

It's a transportation system that has sparked poems, novels, and films. It features stunning art nouveau entrances, 

tangle-like tunnels, and trains that rattle noisily beneath and occasionally over some of the most well-known streets in the world. 

It features stations bearing the names of a US president, a Soviet victory, and a South American revolutionary.  

It seems sense that some of the stations are regarded as independent pieces of art in a city that is home to some of the most well-known galleries in the entire globe. 

However, the Paris Métro railway system, which was established in the 1900s and currently transports around four million passengers daily, is finding it difficult to meet the demands of contemporary transportation,  

with its aging infrastructure and facilities groaning under the weight of the expanding metropolis. 

For many people in Paris, especially those who work or reside in the less trendy outlying suburbs, getting around the city can be difficult without taking the more clogged and time-consuming route through the center districts. 

But there will be a significant shift soon. The Grand Paris Express, a new 200-kilometer (120-mile) system that will add four lines and 68 brand-new stations to the network, is set to give the venerable Paris Métro its most substantial overhaul in decades. 

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