Patrick Mahomes Regrets What He Told Josh Allen After Sunday's Tough Loss

Following yesterday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes vented his anger at officials.

After some time to settle down, Mahomes spoke calmer on Monday. He told Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports KC that he "regretted" his sideline reaction to Kadarius Toney's offside call.

"More importantly," Mahomes felt bad about criticizing the refs during his postgame handshake with Josh Allen.

"After the game, I regretted my behavior toward Josh (Allen) most. Mahomes maintained he had nothing to do with it.

 "I felt hot and emotional, but you can't. This is a bad example for kids watching the game."

Allen and Mahomes have always respected each other despite years of competition.

Their postgame meeting yesterday was hampered by Mahomes' emotions.

"Dumbest f--king call ever," Mahomes told Allen. "That's f--king terrible, man." Toney was "an inch or two" offsides, according to Andy Reid, who also criticized the penalty after the game.

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