Pick Ripe Watermelon Every Time With This 2-Finger Trick.

Watermelon, when ripe, may be a refreshing and healthful summer snack. 

Unripe watermelon can satisfy your hunger and thirst, but it may not be as healthy or taste as pleasant.

While there are several methods for ripening tomatoes and bananas after purchase, they will not work with watermelons, even if you can find a large enough paper bag. 

 This implies that your best chance is to learn how to select a new one before purchasing.

According to reports, one unexpected tip came directly from the farmer's mouth. 

This widespread watermelon-buying scam appears to have begun on the Australian Facebook group Mum Central. 

One of the mom members (mumbers?) claimed to have spoken with a watermelon grower, who advised them to ensure that two fingers could fit between the green stripes on a melon.

 Other sites, quoting anonymous watermelon producers, appear to believe that the white stripes should be two fingers apart, thus if you pick this technique of determining maturity, your melon should have stripes of similar width. 

Regarding the fact that fingers vary in thickness, and yours might be smaller (or greater) than any given farmer's... Well, we can't comment on that.

Luckily, the watermelon-testing method that relies on both stripes and fingers being of standardized size isn't the only one out there. 

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