Puzzle For IQ Test: Can You Spot the 12 Hidden Words Inside Landscape Picture in 15 secs?

This brain teaser is intended for folks who enjoy playing games and solving riddles. 

Puzzles make a basic riddle or a brain teaser more engaging because these brain games require creative thinking to solve. When solving these riddles, you must think outside the box and evaluate the situation differently. 

Because the answer will not be directly in front of you, you must utilize your creative thinking to find it. So, we've devised an intriguing game in which you must identify all 12 words buried within the landscape image.

You must find all twelve words concealed within the landscape image in the above photograph. Initially, it may appear to be a simple picture of the natural world, however this image conceals 12 words, all of which are related to water and are concealed inside the backdrop.

A sharp mind can recognize all of the words in 15 seconds. You must carefully examine the image before answering the question, as the answer is simple but complex.

As a heads up, the answers to this problem are provided directly below the question, so don't scroll too far and cheat!

In this puzzle, you must find all 12 hidden words within the landscape image.

These words are softly present in a pale tone with dots scattered around the landscape scene, needing you to squint to identify them amidst the rain.

 The puzzle's authors created this mind-bender to emphasize the benefits of remaining naturally hydrated for improving our productivity and focus.

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