Take this celery beetroot shot in the morning for a complete detox..

Discover the benefits of including a celery beetroot injection in your daily regimen. 

This powerful detoxifier contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and natural nitrates that support liver function, cardiovascular health, and skin nutrition. 

Make your own celery beetroot shot with the ingredients supplied. 

This nutrient-dense elixir cleanses your body and provides several health advantages, setting the foundation for a reenergized and productive day ahead.

Potent Detoxification: The betalain pigment found in celery and beetroot works as a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

and antifungal agent, boosting detoxification by draining out toxins and supporting normal liver function.

3 medium-sized celery stalks - 1 medium-sized beetroot,  .. 1 apple (for sweetness, optional) - 1 lemon piece of ginger (optional)

Wash and cut all ingredients into manageable bits.

Run the celery, beetroot, apple, lemon, and ginger (if using) through a juicer.

Stir the juice thoroughly to obtain a uniform blend. Pour into a glass and enjoy the benefits of your homemade celery beetroot shot.

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