Taylor Swift reacts to Jason Kelce’s roaring celebration for Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift finally joined the Kelce family, including Jason Kelce and wife Kylie, to support boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The Grammy-winning musician was seen conversing with her boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law in the VIP room, who appeared to be in excellent spirits.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old NFL tight end had a successful night with his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, as they defeated the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, scoring a touchdown in the second quarter.

As he scored for his team, the Anti-Hero hitmaker was spotted celebrating with her man's family. Cameras caught the singer joyously hugging friends inside the box.

Jason, 36, became his brother's number one hype guy on the spur of the moment as he pulled off his shirt in the bitter cold, yelling in celebration while holding a drink. 

Taylor was astonished as the audience laughed and shouted. In a fan-filmed video, the singer can be seen concealing her face with her hands.

Caitlin Clark aims to break the NCAA scoring record (5hESPN). "I saw they were storming the court, which was perfectly great. 

"Good for their students, great win for them," Clark said, adding that she was "hammered" and "blindsided" by the court-stormer while attempting to quickly off the floor.

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