The 6 Kindest Zodiac Signs Suffer Most

The zodiac signs that are the kinder to others suffer the most. When people see that you have a pure heart, the fight is real.

Those with tender hearts may be particularly perceptive. When it comes to love, their hearts are weak.

The most sensitive zodiac sign. They adore giving and receiving affection. They love love from family, friends, and lovers, and if they don't get it back, it might crush their hearts.



Scorpios hide their feelings since their hearts are weak. They hate being rejected, thus feeling rejected is bad. Scorpios are detail-oriented and can see exploitation even if you think they don't.


Geminis hide their emotions. They are sensitive but talented performers. Behind the curtain, their hearts are weak. They appear tough, but they love giving and receiving love. You have their heart, but they won't tell you because they don't want it broken.


This symbol is delicate. They'll offer you anything, but betrayal causes chaos. They carry their hearts on their sleeves, so if you offend them or upset them, they will do anything to make you feel their agony, so handle them carefully.


Nothing less than expected will satisfy this sign. The vulnerable ones want all your attention when they like you. They expect loyalty from those who are faithful to them. They will be so distraught if you break their hearts that you will never make that mistake again.


Crazy lion has high emotions. They are impetuous and sensitive. Extremely emotional. Leos need loyalty and will roar like lions if you don't offer it. Because they are easily insulted, they will turn violent if you try to lessen their party spirit.

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