The best nail art ideas for chic natural nails

Believe me when I tell that nail art isn't just for maximalists. Yes, statement-making chrome manis and vivid marble nails are all over your page,

and the 2024 trend forecasts are jam-packed, but more natural-looking manicure designs are just as cool. And they look fantastic on natural nails,

whereas some of the more unusual nail art designs work better with extensions or acrylics. 

The advantage of minimalist nail art and manicures done with mild, neutral polishes is that they won't conflict with what you're wearing and won't wear out as soon as a stronger design.

 Also great: Most natural nail designs are surprisingly simple to DIY, allowing you to experiment with new mani ideas without spending a lot of money or visiting a salon.

Are you sold yet? Great, because I spent hours going through Instagram to offer you this list of the best natural nail designs and ideas.

From trendy French manicures to pearl-studded accent nails, this list has something for everyone.Minimalists may find euphoria-inspired makeup overwhelming, 

so I recommend starting with a wavy manicure like this one. It's subtle but cool, and all you need for the DIY is a clear base coat, opaque white polish, and a few tiny gemstones.

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