The fastest and best manicure is a press-on manicure.

Begin by selecting the press-on nails that best suit your style and preferences. 

Before application, ensure your natural nails are clean and free from any residues.  

If using nail glue, apply a thin layer on the back of the press-on nail. Press the tip firmly onto the base of your natural nail, holding it in place for 20-30 seconds. Repeat the process for all nails.  

While your press-on nails are durable, avoid prolonged exposure to very hot water, as it may loosen the tips prematurely.  

Press-on nails can remain well-adhered for up to a week or ten days, providing a beautiful and long-lasting manicure. 

When it's time to remove the press-on nails, lift the tips slightly at the front using a thin stick provided or another suitable tool.  

After removal, clean the press-on nails and store them for future use. Proper care ensures they can be reused multiple times, making them an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option. 

Embrace the flourishing market for press-on nails by exploring different brands and designs.  

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