The Most Delicious Gifts Made of Hot Chocolate

During the frigid winter months, we're all about a comfortable atmosphere with fluffy blankets, a soft sweater, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Treat your loved ones to these delicious hot chocolate presents from Target for Valentine's Day, their birthday, or simply because.

Some of these items are gift-ready (complete with a bow), while others can be combined with a mug, warm slippers

and other delicacies to create a thoughtful gift that will have them melting faster than a hot chocolate bomb.

They make a charming gift and a tasty treat when mixed into hot milk.

Making a cup of steaming hot chocolate is a breeze with these K-cups—no measuring, stirring, or microwaving necessary. 

 This 22-pod pack will keep the chocolate enthusiast in your life well-stocked for the season.

This Equal Exchange hot cocoa mix is a conscious choice that benefits small-scale farmers and their families.

It's USDA certified organic and has a deep chocolate flavor.

For the true chocolate enthusiast, Ghirardelli's hot cocoa mix includes semi-sweet chocolate chips for an extra chocolatey flavor and richness.

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