The Seven Most Moody Zodiac Signs in Astrology

However, the moodiest zodiac sign experiences their emotions intensely.

All of us are moody in some way. We wish we could control our emotions, but our brain says otherwise. 

Cancer is the moodiest zodiac sign, according to almost everyone.

1. Cancer 

Why is Pisces so moody? It's because Pisces might be highly sensitive, causing their mood to change quickly.

2. Pisces 

Scorpios are considered as the angriest zodiac sign, but why are they so moody?

3. Scorpio 

The Ram won't keep their sentiments or moods to themselves!

4. Aries 

It is customary for Libra to inquire whether a friend or family member is upset with them.

5. Libra

Why are Geminis so moody? Geminis do not wish to drag others down with their moods, yet they appear unable to disguise them.

6. Gemini

might get aggressive if they do not get their way. 

7. Virgo

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