The ten largest cat breeds in the world 

Attention, cat lovers! Do you like a larger-than-life feline? Let's speak about the largest house cats out there.

WEIGHT: 7–12 pounds. HEIGHT: 10-15" tall


WEIGHT: 8–18 pounds. HEIGHT: 13-16" tall


WEIGHT: 11-16 pounds. Height: 10 inches tall.

American Bobtail

Norwegian Forest Cat

 weighs 12-15 pounds. HEIGHT: 9-12" tall

Turkish Van 

WEIGHT: 10-20 pounds. HEIGHT: 10-14 inches.

Maine Coon 

 WEIGHT: 18-22 pounds. HEIGHT: 10-16" tall


WEIGHT: 15-20 pounds HEIGHT: 10-12 inches tall


WEIGHT: 15-20 pounds. HEIGHT: 9-11" tall

Selkirk Rex

WEIGHT: 10–16 pounds. HEIGHT: 9-11 inches


WEIGHT: 12-25 pounds. HEIGHT: 14-17 inches tall.

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