The Top 8 US Baby Girl Names

At the forefront of popularity, Olivia reigns as a timeless and elegant choice for baby girls.  

1. Olivia: A Timeless Elegance 

Emma, with its universal beauty, secures a prominent position among the top baby girl names in the United States.  

2. Emma: A Name of Universal Beauty 

Ava represents a modern classic, balancing sophistication with a contemporary flair. This name, of Latin origin, meaning “life” or “bird,” has soared in popularity in recent years.  

3. Ava: A Modern Classic 

Sophia, with its roots in Greek philosophy, meaning “wisdom,” continues to capture the hearts of parents across the nation.   

4. Sophia: Wisdom and Grace 

Isabella, an embodiment of regal splendor, maintains its presence among the top baby girl names. With Spanish and Italian origins, meaning “pledged to God,” Isabella possesses a majestic charm.   

5. Isabella: A Name of Regal Splendor 

Mia, a sweet and short delight, captures attention with its simplicity and endearing sound.  

6. Mia: A Sweet and Short Delight 

Amelia embarks on a journey of exploration, evoking images of adventurous spirits and pioneering hearts.   

7. Amelia: A Journey of Exploration 

Harper, a name with literary and musical undertones, has carved its niche in the landscape of baby girl names.  

8. Harper: A Literary and Musical Muse 

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