These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love Over The Weekend

Three zodiac signs have it easy this weekend, January 19-21, 2024. Maybe not for 'everyone', but we can confidently assume that for three zodiac signs, this weekend will be one that we'survive' a little better than some of our other zodiacal pals.

Three zodiac signs are singled out during this week in ways that can only be described as 'astrological', indicating that we must have the temperament to deal with the conditions and transit ahead.

As the saying goes, only the strong survive, and this week's focus is on love, passion, and, yes, desire. We have a lot of Mars influence going on, which may upset some people

Relationships are'make or break' this week, and with transits such as Moon trine Mercury, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun trine Moon, and the first day of the Aquarius season on January 20, only the strong will survive.

We will not only emerge victorious during this period, but we will also set a trend in our houses that could last the entire year. What we do this week reverberates throughout the year.

1. Aries 

So, if 'survival' is the keyword of the weekend, then we already know that you're in the running for this weekend's top model. you are a model example of what it's like to endure hard times and come out smelling like a rose

2. Taurus 

As long as you keep your eyes on the prize, you will get through this week relatively unfazed, as there are plenty of traps you could fall into, don't.

Sun and the Moon joins you over the weekend, and is accompanied by Sun and Neptune, making it so that your time is filled with dreams that you know you can make into reality

3. Leo 

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