This 35-gram protein-rich mocha cardamom shake is energizing.

I always have a craving for a fast-casual, Michelin-starred supper after a hard morning workout. I would love to treat myself to something wonderful as a reward for all of my hard work

but the very thought of using a pan takes too much time and energy. I have around twenty minutes after finishing a run before I start to feel hangry.

When I had this dilemma in the past, I would go to the bodega across the street from my flat and grab a delicious, oily breakfast sandwich. 

But this year, I'm making an effort to give post-workout nourishment more importance so that my body can recuperate as best it can. 

After all, I don't want to miss out on any of the advantages I just worked so hard to achieve!

I've started focusing my meals and snacks on high-quality protein sources in order to meet my daily protein objectives, and this drink is no different. 

As I frequently interview R.D.s and exercise physiologists, I am aware of the need of consuming 20–30 grams of protein within a few hours of working out to aid in muscle repair and strength regrowth.

Leucine is one protein amino acid that is essential for both muscle growth and maintenance. I like to think of leucine as the "on" switch for the process of muscle protein synthesis, or the building of new muscle, and it only needs about 2.5 grams to get this crucial process going.

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