This optical illusion IQ test gives you 11 seconds to find the odd Hamilton.

Puzzles are fun because creatively solving simple riddles makes them more interesting.

 These fun IQ tests help determine your IQ. Brainteasers that require you to choose a solution test your intelligence. 

Because the solution isn't always evident, this brainteaser takes a different approach. 

Analyzing the problem and then solving it are the steps to solving these mental puzzles.

 Thus, we have prepared a fun brainteaser in which you must identify the Hamilton in the image.

The "Founding Father of the United States," Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury under George Washington from 1789 to 1795.

Please look at the picture before answering because the solution is easy but complex. 

Don't cheat—this brain teaser's answers are below the question!

One of these three Hamilton images differs slightly when viewed closely. 

Hamilton's visage and marks are comparable in the first and third photos. However, the Hamilton in the middle doesn't have a white forehead spot.

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