This Popular Skin Care Product Is Often Expensive, But This Reviewer-Favorite Alternative Is Only $20.

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There is no end to the things on our wishlists as self-proclaimed skin care fanatics. 

 I prefer a simple regimen comprised of high-quality products containing active ingredients, but I do occasionally crave something extra to add pizzazz to my daily routine.

The exfoliating toner is one such product that is gaining popularity, although it is often expensive.

 A good exfoliating toner can help remove dead skin cells, balance the skin's natural pH, and even enhance brightness and even skin tone.

 They're usually made with active substances like alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, but the concentrations vary.

 Fortunately, TruSkin's BHA liquid exfoliant + toner features an ingredient list that is quite comparable to other popular

TruSkin says the acids work in tandem with turmeric to brighten and even out the skin’s tone, while rishi mushrooms provide a generous helping of refreshing moisture. 

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