Todd Bowles thinks Baker Mayfield ‘did a heck of a job’ following Tom Brady

Baker Mayfield took over as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starting quarterback this season following the retirement of famous quarterback Tom Brady.

While a player as renowned as Brady cannot be replaced, Mayfield performed admirably in the role.

During a postgame press conference following the team's division-round loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday,

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles stated unequivocally that he believes Baker Mayfield "did a heck of a job" this season after Tom Brady's retirement, but he would not describe Mayfield as "taking over" for Brady.

"He didn't take over for Tom," Bowles stated at his postgame press conference. "After Tom retired, Baker took over as quarterback of a new squad with a new offensive coordinator. He took over for himself.

"We built it differently, ran it differently, and it was run differently around him, so we can't compare Baker to Tom." Tom is Mount Rushmore. Tom is off on his own. 

We began a new system with new players and new enthusiasm, and Baker made his impression. I am proud of him for that."

Mayfield had a one-year contract with the team this season, so if he returns next season, the organization will need to offer him a contract extension. 

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