Top 6 Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Plants are the easiest way to personalize any room. Our unique plant stands enhance any decor and houseplants.

DIY plant supports use easy-to-find materials like dowels, paint, and reused wire tomato cages. Some of our favorite DIY plant stand ideas will revitalize your home.

Modern Outdoor Plant Stand

This one-day geometric plant stand is fun to create. Make it by cutting plywood into 22x22-inch squares. To hold a bucket, trace and cut a circle in one board. 

Gabion Plant Stand

A gabion plant stand enhances any garden. Gabions, usually used as retaining walls, are transformed into this DIY project. It takes an hour and requires few ingredients!

Wooden Trelli

A trellis plant stand is ideal for a patio or deck. Clean black lines give a traditional trellis a modern look. Add colorful plants and containers to enhance your display. 

Midcentury Plant Stand

Clean lines and natural references make midcentury modern attractive. A midcentury modern wooden plant stand will enhance your space.

Pretty in Pink

Decorate your plant stand delicately. A pink vase and pedestal accent this colorful flower bouquet. Use matching fabric to drape the pedestal in monochrome. 

Use Antique Treasure

Who said making a custom plant stand requires getting your hands dirty? Instead, use a lovely antique. Display plants on a seat, washtub, champagne stand, or pedestal.

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