Top 8 Romantic Cocktails to Add a Little Love on Valentine's Day

We all fantasize of romantic evenings with delicious steaks or lobsters accompanied with fine Champagne. But romance is much more than just chilled bubbles.

Odd Sister in New York City serves The Lily, a bitter orange aperitivo with strawberries and Lambrusco topping. 

a bitter orange aperitivo with strawberries and Lambrusco topping. 

The Lily

This drink, served at Root & Vine at the recently opened The Westin Washington, DC Downtown, includes Corazón Blanco Tequila, Campari, beets, pineapple, and lime. 

The Ruby Tango

At Loews Miami Beach Hotel's Bar Collins, a cocktail composed with vodka, fresh raspberries, lemon, lychee puree, and simple syrup is topped with house-made lychee foam and garnished with a raspberry gelee heart. 

Lychee blossom.

This is a twist on the famous French 75, served at New York City's seductive restaurant Strip House. It's created with Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, Liber & Co. raspberry syrup, fresh lemon, and French sparkling rose. 

Velvet Kiss

At Ida Claire in San Antonio and Addison, Texas, this drink is made with jasmine-infused vodka, zesty lemon, and simple syrup. 

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

This delicate and sensual drink is found at Allure Restaurant & Lounge at Hotel Belleclaire on the Upper West Side. 

The Allure

This drink, served at Mimo Restaurant and Bar in Nashville, is constructed with gin, lemon zest, raspberry, and simple syrup, and is topped with a smooth texture from shaken egg whites.

Clover Club

This cocktail, found at Mexican Sugar in Dallas, is all about sweetness with a hint of spiciness on the finish.


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