Travis Kelce's "attention" from Taylor Swift, according to Patrick Mahomes, hasn't changed: "He's simply being himself."

Patrick Mahomes assures that Travis Kelce remains grounded despite the attention from dating Taylor Swift, stating, "He's still Travis Kelce." 

Mahomes emphasizes Kelce's down-to-earth nature, noting how he treats everyone as a friend, both in the stadium and the locker room. 

Despite becoming a pop-culture phenomenon, Mahomes notes that Kelce has stayed true to himself and hasn't let the fame affect his personality. 

The public revelation of Kelce's relationship with Swift resulted in a significant spike in jersey sales, increasing by about 400 percent. 

Kelce made a surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in October 2023, joking about the NFL's interest in his relationship with Swift. 

Kelce sees Swift as his "lucky charm," believing the Chiefs perform well in games she attends. The couple appears to be very in love at public events. 

Kelce's popularity has made him a sought-after figure for corporations, with sources suggesting he could be offered up to $1 million for appearances at sponsored events. 

While the Chiefs aim for a Super Bowl spot, corporations prefer Kelce to not play in the game, allowing him to make appearances at sponsored events around Las Vegas. 

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