Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults and Kids

Unbelievably, you can easily repurpose trash cans as planters to add some flair to a fence or wall. 

Rope or twine will do the trick. Paint them a striking color to really bring the look together.

The blogger built this stand out of cedar wood because it is meant to be outside. White painted pots are held in place using wall planter hooks. 

For children, consider incorporating magical elements into your celebration by hosting a unicorn or superhero party. 

Arrange a game night or a backyard Olympics version for teenagers; neither will make a 13-year-old roll their eyes. 

Consider activities like gigantic Jenga or corn hole. And for the grown-ups,

how about a tropical luau (no beach necessary), a cozy fall-themed gathering, an epic BBQ, or a sparkling brunch?

Kids and adults alike will bond over some friendly competition.  

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