USA Star Gymnast Reveals She Gained 45 Pounds After Kidney Issue

Team USA gymnast won gold, silver, and bronze in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics. Lee is excited for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, but he had to face a personal war first.

Lee told USA Today she had kidney problems earlier this year. She said the issue made her gain 45 pounds, swollen her eyes, and unable to fit into her clothes.

“I couldn't fit into any of my clothes,” Lee remarked. The swelling closed my eyes. It was terrifying.

Lee retired from Auburn gymnastics due to kidney issues.

“I haven’t had a really bad day in a while,” Lee added. “Initially, I woke up swollen. I could not hold the bar because my fingers were too swollen to fit into my grips.

“I couldn't flip because my body was swollen from water retention. It was very different, so I had to adapt.

Sunisa Lee has declined to discuss her renal issue, although she has cut off sodium from her diet.

Lee will compete at the Olympic trials again. 

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